Franchise Investment Levels

We offer you the chance to start small and grow a bigger business.  Depending on your level of experience, your budget and your desired business size we will help you choose the right level for you.


A great way to get a start in the cleaning industry, when the funds are limited. You have an opportunity to earn and save for a Roaming Franchise.

Roaming Franchise

This is a fantastic beginning for people who have not run a business before, or need to start on a budget.  Roaming franchisees are able to work as much as they like which means they are in full control of their income.

A great benefit of our Roaming Franchise is the very low investment required.  You are able to build a cleaning business with similar incomes to other franchise companies but at half the investment.

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Territory Franchise

For those wishing to start a little bigger, with immediate opportunities to grow a significant business. Territory Franchisees are able to choose an exclusive territory to operate their business in.

By utilising subcontractors or employees Territory Franchisees can increase the size of their business and their income potential. An exciting addition at this level is the opportunity to qualify for our Advanced Franchisee Growth Program which gives Territory Franchisees access to more territories and more customers. Meaning you can grow your business 4 – 5 times larger than other franchise companies with a similar investment.

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Area Franchise

Created to cater for experienced business people wishing to make their mark on the Home Services industry and build cleaning business’s with unlimited income potential.

Armed with an advanced initial and ongoing training program an Area Franchisee can build a business that includes domestic cleaning, small office cleaning and even large commercial opportunities. Using your managerial skills you can manage a team of cleaners and create an exceptional residual income or get your hands dirty and maximise your income potential.

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Regional Franchisor

There are opportunities in some states for people who want to take on a major leadership role in United Home Services.  Primarily for experienced business people, a Regional Franchise will see you introducing, training and supporting new franchisees and more.

This is an exceptional program that allows you to start today and quickly grow into a substantial cleaning business.  The only limitations to the size of your business and income will be how big you can think and how hard you work.

As each person has different wants, needs and limitations in starting a business we recommend arranging a meeting with us to discuss your options. You can do this by completing the enquiry form below, or contacting us direct on:



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