My name is Phillip Chang and I am the Owner of United Home Services Cleaning Burwood/Box Hill.

I am dedicated to providing Home Cleaning Services that is Professional, Reliable, Courteous and Timely.

I provide home cleaning srrvices in the City of Whitehorse, mainly in Burwood, Burwood East, Box Hill, Box Hill South, Blackburn, Blackburn North, Blackburn South and Forest Hill.  Service outside these areas is available upon request.

I am down to earth, friendly and easy to talk with, and I am happy to discuss and listen to your home or office cleaning requirements.

Personally, I like my surroundings to be neat and clean. I worked in a Melbourne office environment for ten years, as such would truly understand the contribution of a clean and pleasant environment on compliance, health and safety, most importantly its effect on ensuring family and staff happiness. My cleaning team has been personally selected by myself to ensure high standard of duty of care, and has undergone full due diligence, are police checked and are fully insured.

Complete our online enquiry form Or call 1800 222 899 for a no obligation, free cleaning quote.