The Changing Face of Cleaners

The Domestic Cleaning industry has changed significantly over the past few years.  Today’s cleaners and cleaning businesses are professional outfits that provide structured, quality services to their customers. The growing number of franchised cleaning businesses has no doubt played a role.  Customers’ expectations for quality and service have also changed. Professional presentation is important.

 Other points about today’s cleaners and the industry:

  • Couples – many cleaning business’s have couples running them. It is a chance for couples to work on, and build, a future together.
  • Cleaning business owners are getting younger and tend to be business minded and entrepreneurial.
  • People are out to build a strong a cleaning business.
  • They are fully insured
  • Quality guarantees are offered to customers
  • Professional cleaners use their own products and equipment
  • The environmentally friendly options are now important to customers
  • People with backgrounds in customer service / executives / management / office workers and more all build cleaning businesses today
  • Cleaners are seeking to become professionals in their industry
  • A cleaning business is a strong business, an excellent business to invest in (see: Why is a Cleaning Business such a good business?)
  • Its not just about cleaning, it is about providing a tailored cleaning solution
  • There is an increased focus on customer and personal hygiene whilst cleaning
  • Understanding the importance of long term customer relationships is vital.
  • Professional business people providing a professional service
  • A cleaning business is now a good portable business option for people wanting to start their own business

If you are looking for a business that can provide you with professional skills, opportunities for personal and business growth and also offers excellent career growth then a cleaning business with United Home Services could be your answer.

As each person has different wants, needs and limitations in starting a business we recommend arranging a meeting with us to discuss your options. You can do this by completing the enquiry form below, or contacting us direct on:


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