Training and Ongoing Support

The backbone of any franchise system is the training and ongoing support provided to franchisees.  It is the most common reason a person chooses a franchise system to start their first business.

United Home Services offers a comprehensive training and support program which is delivered by people who have done, or are doing, what you want to do. This personal experience means our Regional Managers and Master Franchisees understand the fears and challenges faced by people who are new to business. This allows you to save time and reduce the costs of each stumbling block as you face them.

We teach you:

  • how to build and maintain a successful home services business which provides you with a strong, regular income.
  • how to look after your customers to ensure they are with you long term and we also teach you how to find a new customer for when the need arises.
  • to be proficient business owners and encourage entrepreneurism.

We know that you may not be with us for your working life and hope that the skills you develop and the experience you have will assist you in your future endeavours. 

Below are some examples of what your initial training includes with United Home Services.

In House Training:

  • Business administration
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • How to find a new customer
  • How to keep a customer
  • Scheduling – planning your time
  • Business Planning – a vital component of any successful business is structuring a step by step plan to develop the business that will ensure you will achieve your initial goals
  • The United Home Services Communication System
  • Bookkeeping, and more

On the Job Training:

  • the physical How To’s on cleaning a house
  • Real customers, real cleans
  • Learn from experienced cleaners
  • Understand how much to quote for different jobs
  • See how long it takes to clean different houses
  • Learn what makes United Home Services franchisees so popular with their customers

Your ongoing support will be with you for as long as you are a franchisee with United Home Services and includes:

  • Regular coaching and reviews
  • You have an experienced business coach working side by side with you throughout the life of your business but without the associated costs (an independent business coach can cost $1,500 a month or more)
  • Eliminate the daily small issues with a single phone call
  • When you are ready to expand your business we show you how to plan it and put that plan into action.
  • We are also here to support you if you have issues with a customer.
  • Franchisee meetings also give you the opportunity to learn and grow with a team of like minded people.

As each person has different wants, needs and limitations in starting a business we recommend arranging a meeting with us to discuss your options. You can do this by completing the enquiry form below, or contacting us direct on:


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