What is involved in building a United Home Services Cleaning Franchise:

In everything we do, we need to learn the ropes and practice the skills. In a short time it all becomes second nature.


Start – Beginner Cleaning Business

  • Learn the three important skills
    • How to get a customer
    • How to provide a quality clean
    • How to keep a customer
  • Learn what products / equipment are best to use in any given situation
  • Your first customer
  • Business planning

Experience – An Operational and Income Generating Cleaning Business

  • Getting your hands dirty
  • Earning a good income
  • Building on your customer base
  • Practicing and refining the skills you learnt at the beginning to increase your ability to turn each lead into a new customer
  • Getting used to the paperwork and bookkeeping requirements
  • Understanding the effectiveness of marketing in your territory
  • Achieving and resetting various business and personal goals
  • Understanding your business.  Learning how to take a look from the top rather than just from within.

Do not underestimate the importance of the first two steps above, especially if you want to build a large cleaning business.  Many people will achieve the first two steps within their first 3-6 months. This is the perfect base to then go on and build a large and profitable cleaning business, if you want to.

For many, this would already be a good business and they would be happy with achieving these steps and staying put. However, United Home Services offers you the very real opportunity to go on and build your business further:

Growth – Advanced Cleaning Business

  • Taking on your first employee / subcontractor
  • Training and management of employees / subcontractors
  • Learning new business management skills
  • Setting a 12 month focus for where you want your business to be and what it will look like
  • Taking daily and weekly actions to make sure you achieve these goals

Expansion – Your Dream Cleaning Business

  • Introduce new services or markets, such as commercial cleaning
  • Planning for ongoing growth and success
  • Growing your team
  • Developing business networks
  • Building your own career

As a United Home Services franchisee you will be provided with first class training and ongoing support that will get you though the above steps and ensure you achieve your goals. Click on the link below to read about the training and support we can provide for you

Training and Ongoing Support

As each person has different wants, needs and limitations in starting a business we recommend arranging a meeting with us to discuss your options. You can do this by completing the enquiry form below, or contacting us direct on:


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