Why is a cleaning business such a good business?

If you are considering starting your own business then you need to look closely at starting a cleaning business with United Home Services. You may be surprised just how good a cleaning business can be and here are a few reasons:

  • Relatively low start up costs / investment – you don’t have to put your house on the line!
  • Exceptional Return On Investment – you can expect to at least double your investment  in your first year of business
  • No large, ongoing finance requirements – very few cleaning businesses need an overdraft for example
  • Excellent cash flow – a lot of customers pay cash on the day
  • Very low ongoing overheads – you get to keep most of what you earn.
  • Generally operated from home – no office or retail lease expenses
  • An easy business to manage – no long nights in front of the computer
  • Very little experience required to build a successful cleaning business.  Learning and sticking to a good, simple, system will ensure a successful business. Whilst no formal qualifications are required to build a cleaning business, people with customer service, management or professional backgrounds will generally build large cleaning businesses, in a relatively fast timeframe.
  • A service or product that is always in demand.  There is currently huge demand for quality cleaning services in the domestic cleaning industry.  In many circumstances today both adults in the household are working which means more money and less time available to look after the house. This is only one example why the demand for cleaning services will continue to grow.
  • Relatively recession proof.  Once you know how to find a new customer you can do it as many times as you need to, to earn the income you need.
  • You choose your operating hours – work when you want to
  • You can make very real 6 figure incomes
  • You can build a business with saleable value – a franchised business is easier to sell
  • A cleaning business allows you to earn an income whilst you learn
  • Flexible – You can manage a team of cleaners or get your hands dirty
  • Customers expect professional services today and are willing to pay for a better quality service
  • An excellent portable business option for people wanting to start their own business

As each person has different wants, needs and limitations in starting a business we recommend arranging a meeting with us to discuss your options. You can do this by completing the enquiry form below, or contacting us direct on:


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